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We are delighted that you consider studying at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at Leipzig University. Please find additional information on dedicated pages for degree-seeking students as well as exchange students (ERASMUS+, etc). Our Erasmus coordinator, Prof. Dr. Manfred Droste, will gladly answer any remaining questions.

Please note that our study programme is mainly taught in German. The table below lists modules taught in English.

In order to enrol at Leipzig University your knowledge of German must be at least equivalent to C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). However, this does not apply to ERASMUS+ and other exchange students.

As part of the application process you will need to submit a certificate of German language proficiency at B2 level or better.  Upon acceptance of your application you will need to submit a certified copy of a recognised certificate for C1 level or better in order to enrol. Additional information (incl. language course information) is offered by the International Centre. here.

Please also consult our Frequently Asked Questions and do not hesitate to contact us for any special topics.

Most of our courses are taught in German. The following courses are regularly taught in English:

semestermodule numbernameECTSlecturertype
Winter10-207-0001Introduction to Digital Humanities10Dr. KöntgesLecture, Exercices and Internship
Winter10-202-2342Introduction to Linguistic annotation and data extraction with XQuery10Giuseppe CelanoLecture and Internship
Winter10-202-2601Leipzig eHumanities Seminar5Seminar
Winter Real Analysis5 Dr. DymondLecture
Winter10-MAT-MPHSGNew Developments in Geometry5Seminar
Winter12-PHY-MPMP1Mathematical Physics 110Prof. Dr. Hollands + Prof. Dr. SchwarzLecture
Winter12-PHY-MPMP2Mathematical Physics 210Prof. Dr. Hollands + Prof. Dr. SchwarzLecture
Winter10-MAT-MPDS2Advanced Theory of Dynamical Systems10Prof. Dr. SchwarzLecture and Seminar
Winter10-MAT-MPDG2Advanced Differential Geometry II10Prof. Dr. RademacherLecture and Seminar
Winter10-MAT-MPSP2Stochastic Processes II 10Lecture and Seminar
Summer10-MAT-MPSP1Stochastic Processes I 10Prof. Dr. v.RenesseLecture and Seminar
Summer10-MAT-MPDG1Advanced Differential Geometry I10Prof. Dr. RademacherLecture and Seminar
Summer10-207-0002Introduction to Digital Philology10Dr. BertiLecture, Exercices and Internship
SummerGeometric measure theory5Dr. DymondLecture
Summer10-MAT-MPDS1Dynamical Systems10Prof. Dr. SchwarzLecture and Seminar


Every semester there will be additional courses that are taught in English upon request:

semestermodule numbernameECTSlecturertype
Winter and SummerNatural Language Processing5JProf. Dr. PotthastSeminar
Winter and Summer10-202-2115Automata Theory5Prof. Dr. DrosteSeminar
Winter10-202-2106Automata Theory10Prof. Dr. DrosteLecture and Exercises
Winter10-202-2205Graphs and Biological NetsProf. Dr. Stadler, Dr. Hoener zu SiederdissenLecture, Seminar and Internship
Winter10-202-2314Advanced Methods in Information Retrieval10JProf. Dr. PotthastLecture and Exercises
Winter10-202-2315Foundations of Machine Learning5JProf. Dr. PotthastLecture and Exercises
Winter10-202-2112Foundations of Complexity Theory5Prof. Dr. MalettiLecture and Seminar
SummerModels for Concurrency5Prof. Dr. DrosteLecture and Exercises
SummerSemantics of Programming Languages5Prof. Dr. DrosteLecture and Exercises
Summer10-201-2316Information Retrieval5JProf. Dr. PotthastLecture and Internship
SummerFunctional Analysis IIJProf. Dr. PogorzelskiLecture and Exercises
Summer10-MAT-MPAN1Advanced Analysis10Lecture and Seminar
Summer07-203-4210Softwaresystemfamilies and -product Lines10Prof. Dr. Eisenecker, Prof. Dr. Beuche, Dr. Richard Müller, D. Baum, P. KovacsLecture and Seminar
Summer10-INF-DS301Current Trends in Data Science5Lecture and Exercises
Summer (alternating)Tree Automata5Prof. Dr. MalettiLecture and Exercises
Summer (alternating)Models of Translation + Machine Translation10Prof. Dr. MalettiLecture and Exercises

In addition, the neighboring Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences (MPI MiS) offers plenty of lecture courses in English which are part of the official curriculum at Leipzig University. Taking those courses one can earn 5 ECTS. The courses are organized on rather short notice but regularly cover different aspects of algebra, geometry, calculus of variation/pde, and various applications of mathematics to the sciences. You can find a list of current and past lecture courses here:
The curriculum in 2020/2021 will be comparable.

Furthermore, the large guest program of MPI MiS brings many renowned scientists to Leipzig. While visiting their seminar talks doesn't earn credit points, it is an excellent opportunity to get in touch with recent research trends. MPI MiS also offers various conferences, workshops, and schools that can be attended by our exchange students. Check for a steadily growing list of such events.



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