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The ASA-Programme – a short portrait

Shape the world!


The ASA Programme provides spaces for learning, capacity-building and engagement on development policy for young people who want to understand global contexts, ask critical questions and advocate for a just world. Joint learning for participation and responsible social action for sustainable development is the core of the ASA Programme.


Learn together, experience a change in perspective and make a difference through collaborative commitment. 

Learn to better understand how the world is connected. Are you interested in international exchange and collaborative commitment? For 55 years, the ASA Programme has supported young people who are interested in global interdependencies and want to make a change for the better.


Each year, the ASA Programme provides scholarships to young people age 21 to 35 from countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and South-East Europe. If you’re interested in participating in the ASA Programme, please contact the ASA partner institution offering a project phase in your place of residence. Ideally, the participants have been actively involved in the respective institution before taking part in the ASA Programme.


Complex global challenges such as the sustainable use of natural resources and their equitable distribution, the creation of humane working and living conditions and inclusive societies, as well as the overcoming of crises and conflicts can only be met if sufficient people are in a position to take into account the global effects of their actions and to commit themselves sensitively and enthusiastically to find solutions. This requires knowledge of global contexts and interdependencies as well as experiences in an international context and methods for applying and sharing this know-how. This is where the ASA Programme comes in.


The aim of the learning and capacity-building programme on development policy is to provide young people with the skills they need to act and shape their lives so that they can effectively assume responsibility for sustainable development in various areas of society in the long term.


A constitutive element of the ASA Programme is its identity as a learning programme and as a dynamic learning space. Both staff and former participants contribute to the design and continuous development of participatory decision-making structures.


Another special feature is the interaction between theory and practice: Participants take part in seminars lasting several days in Germany as well as in a three-month project phase in a country in Africa, Asia, Latin America or South-East Europe. Some projects start with a three-month project phase in Germany. Participants reflect on their own learning process and explore how to address global interdependencies in their environment. The ASA Programme provides the necessary logistical and financial framework conditions and accompanies the reflection process in terms of content. The ASA Programme promotes the sustainable engagement of the participants and thus makes an important contribution to development education in Germany.


Young people residing in Germany should visit the German website for information on special participation requirements and the application process.


The ASA Programme is offered by ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL gGmbH - Service for Development Initiatives and is implemented on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and many federal states. It is politically independent and works on a non-profit basis.

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