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Künstliche Neuronale Netze
26.-28.07.2021Prof. Bogdan
Registration: online
28.-29.07.2021Prof. Bogdan
Registration: online
2021-02-19 signed Neumann, Director Examination Office

Raumlegende: GHS - großer Hörsaal Jahnallee, EGH - Ernst-Grube-Halle Jahnallee; HSN - Hörsaal Nord Jahnallee; HSS - Hörsaal Süd Jahnallee

oral Examination
by arr.
by arrangement - agree Your examination time and date directly to the examiner
Where it is specified, the audit carried out registration online (Please pay attention to the dead-line according to the examination schedule or a wekk befor the examination). If that registration not accords to Your examination duty - pleas contact the Examination Office.
The Online-Registration does not guarantee admission to the examination, as this is not automated - depend from requirements - can be verified. The existence of the requirements is therefor necesary to verify by Your self - are You not shure, contact the Examination Office.
This is particularly course-specific requirements such as the existance of a tutorial-certificat or the pass of a mid-exam
A second re-examination always requires that timely written request to the Examination-Commitee made one and this was endorsed. The Examination in the advanced study period for Degree Diploma in Comuter Science requires the pre-degree (concession: only one pre-degree examination lost).
A participation on an examination in absence of the requirements is consitered as an attempt at deception with the grade 5.In doubt contact Your lecturer or the Examination Office.
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Fakultät für Mathematik und Informatik
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