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We are delighted that you think about studying at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at Leipzig University. All information concerning your application is available here. If you want to be an ERASMUS+ or other exchange student, use the information provided here. You also can contact the Erasmus coordinator of our Faculty, Prof. Dr. Manfred Droste.

Most of our courses are given in German. The following courses are regularly planned to be given in English:


semestermodule numbernameECTSlecturertype
winter10-207-0001Introduction to Digital Humanities10Dr. Thomas Köntgeslecture, exercice and internship
winterIntroduction to Linguistic annotation and data extraction with XQuery5Giuseppe Celanoseminar
winter10-202-2601Leipzig eHumanities Seminar5seminar
summer10-207-0002Introduction to Digital Philology10Dr. Monica Bertilecture, exercice and internship

Every semester there will be additional courses planned short-term to be taught in english. The following courses will likely be offered in English if there is interest by international (both for advanced bachelor and/or master) students: 

semestermodule numbernameECTSlecturertype
winter10-202-2106Automata Theory10Prof. Dr. Drostelecture and exercise
winter10-202-2112Foundations of Complexity Theory5Prof. Dr. Malettilecture and seminar
summerModels for Concurrency5Prof. Dr. Drosteseminar
summerSemantics of Programming Languages5Prof. Dr. Drosteseminar
summer10-201-2316Information Retrieval5JProf. Dr. Potthastlecture and internship
summer (alternating)10-202-2111Tree Automata5Prof. Dr. Malettilecture and exercise
summer (alternating)10-202-2111Models of Translation + Machine Translation10Prof. Dr. Malettilecture and exercise

Further courses in English are also offered by our Max Planck Institute of Mathematics, see

If you are interested in special topics, please feel free to contact us.



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Hinweis: Bei einer E-Mail mit Fragen zum Studium bitte immer die studentische E-Mail-Adresse verwenden und die Matrikelnr. sowie den Studiengang angeben.

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